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Product Summary

To purchase a complete Bedtek bed you get to make two independant choices;
  1. 'sleep system' choice [mattress and posture-slats]
  2. stylish bed and accessories for your sleep system [modular bed frames, headboards, legs and accessory choices] 

1. Sleep systems
  • mattresses
  • posture-slats
  • electric beds
  • non-allergenic, chemical-safe bedding 
Bedtek's unique "sleep-systems" with ergonomically zoned mattresses densities and flexible posture-slats provide a support and sleep quality second to none, and are far superior to most rigid-slat beds and mattress ensembles. The comfort and back care you get from a tailored and adjustable two-part sleep systems is superb. You will sleep in style, comfort AND in a certified hazardous chemical-free and non-allergenic sleep environment. 

All products have quality and safety certificates from official and independent health and safety organisations in Europe. All beds and mattresses have 10+ year manufacturers' warranties.

2. Beds and accessories

Bedtek beds are stylish, classic and individual. We have a "mix 'n match" system of hundreds of interchangeable bed frames, legs and headboards. We have mattresses and slats to convert your existing bed into the ultimate in support, comfort, and functionality. Our modular ranges let you individualize the colours and styles of the furniture in your room - even the height of the beds. We have products in stock available for immediate purchase. Products from our catalogue may also be custom ordered from Europe. 

Bedtek delivers Australia-wide and provides a professional installation service in the Perth metropolitan area.